THRIVE Community Wellness - ~Meditation
Dream Interpretation
Ever had a dream so bizarre you woke up completely bewildered? Have you experience a dream so vivid it left you emotionally charged for days?  Ever wonder why you continually have the same recurring dream?   Want to improve your ability to remember your dreams?  

Jennifer provides dream interpretation workshops, as well as individual and small group sessions, to help you understand the subconscious meaning of your dream symbols.  Through her interpretive process, Jennifer helps you increase your self-awareness, receive emotional healing, and expand your intuitive abilities. She also empowers you to integrate your dream insights into your waking life to enhance your well-being and personal development.

Dream Interpretation Fees:
$100.00 ~ Individual appointment (1 hour)
$200.00 ~ Small group sessions up to 5 people (2 hours)
Educational Workshops:
"Understanding Your Dreams" 
$40.00 per guest ~ minimum 6 people (2 hours) 
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