THRIVE Community Wellness - ~Meditation
Meditation Services
Meditation is a highly effective skill for enhancing mental, emotional, and physical well-being.  Research shows that practicing meditation on a regular basis significantly reduces stress, improves concentration, deepens relaxation, and strengthens the immune system.  In addition many clients experience emotional release, peace of mind, and spiritual development.

When working with individuals and small groups, I customize guided meditations to meet your specific needs. I also teach  meditation workshops and provide retreats for large groups and businesses to build trust, improve communication, and enhance productivity.

My meditation sessions integrate practical skills with Buddhist and Native American philosophies.  Example topics include: 

Connecting with Animal and Spirit Guides
Empowering Elements (Earth, Air, Water, and Fire)
Energy Awareness
Fire Ceremonies
Relaxation breathing
Mindfulness (breathing, eating, walking, and communication) 
Music/Sound healing
Progressive muscle relaxation
Stress management

Meditation Fees:
Individual appointment (1 hour) ~ $100.00
Small group appointment (1 hour) ~ $20/guest (5-15 people)
Retreats/Workshops (2-4 hours) ~ $100/hour (15+ people)
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