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If you are interested in holistic healing, meditation, and spiritual development, THRIVE WITH JENNIFER is just the place for you!  Working together, your heart, mind, body, and soul will grow and thrive. 

Many of my clients desire holistic methods for overcoming health and emotional challenges, while others are looking for creative ways to expand their spiritual consciousness and connect with a heart-centered community. 

As a spiritual healer, I specialize in guided meditation, past life regression therapy, dream interpretation, and chakra balancing. I am dedicated to providing safe, compassionate services for adults, adolescents, and children, so my clients can achieve and maintain optimum health, happiness, and personal growth.

 I work with clients seeking help with: 

     Chakra imbalances
     Dream messages
     Emotional expression
     Interpersonal communication
     Mindfulness meditation
     Pain management
     Physical relaxation
     Poor Concentration
     Relationship dynamics
     Spiritual development
     Stress management

Call or email THRIVE WITH JENNIFER today to schedule your appointment. (Individual and group sessions are available.)
Phone:  (949) 303-8584
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